"Candid" / "Street" / "Observational" Photography Services


I photograph social events as if I am photographing wildlife, documenting what I see as it unfolds.


I'm available between Brisbane and the Sunshine Coast, but other areas may be available on arrangement.





While the event is underway you will have your main photographer/photography team directing the bridal party and guests for the perfect poses and group arrangements. The photos will undoubtedly be excellent, but this photographer will not be me.


Through candid photography I can show you a whole other side to your wedding. I will interact with your guests as little as possible.  Consider me to be your independant "Second-Shooter".


My photos are generally unstaged, so the number of photos you receive will reflect the duration and complexity of your wedding. My goal is to present to you a minimum of 100 digital image files.


The images can be made available for download from a private digital album, via flickr.com.

They can also be delivered on a USB Flash Drive.


I will sort through the files, perform minor adjustments and present to you the best images I can find from your day. I may not sleep for days, but you will have at least 200 photos available online within a week.



"Candid photography simply captures people living an event"



Music Gigs
$100 (Brisbane)


If you are promoting a band then you know images are great at creating interest online. You probably even use facebook to promote your music too, right?


It's a fact that facebook posts containing images receive far more attention than posts that do not. Part of the reason is simply because posts with photos are naturally more interesting to your potential audience. Facebook also rates image posts as more engaging, and is much more likely to push them to other people's news feeds. 


Basically you are in a fierce online competition for the attention of others, without photos you have very little chance of getting your fair share.


I can document your band, from when you take the stage until when your set ends.  After sorting and editing, my goal is to present you with a minimum of 50 digital image files.


Full sized versions will be made available to you online, via flickr.com.

If required they can also be delivered on a USB Flash Drive


I will perform minor adjustments on your images and have them ready for you within 2 days.

Surfing/Adventures/other $100+ (Sunshine Coast)


$100 for around an hour in the water photographing you and your crew.

Check out the shots in the slide show by clicking the image above.

Basically invite me along next time you go for a surf and let me document the adventure for you.

My goal is to present you with as many useful images as I can.


If you have an interesting project or adventure and you'd like me along to photograph what I see, please let me know.