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Welcome to Stradbroke Island!!

Quandamooka Country 

Created in 2019, Island Tigress is a collaboration between internationally acclaimed photographer, 

Chris Van Wyk,

and the beautiful women of Stradbroke Island. 

Our purpose is to cater for aspiring models and brand ambassadors who are looking to capture the essence of coastal beauty. 


Our location, Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah ~ 'Place of love bites'), beams feminine splendour at every corner, women here are sacred.

Meet the CEO ~

Lily Koppenol

At 11 years old Lily is a formidable creative force. A natural both behind the camera, as a photographer, and in front of the camera as a model, Lily and her team of helpers know how to take your coastal visions and turn them into tangible reality. 

Meet the lead photographer ~

Chris Van Wyk

Published internationally with credits from National Geographic, Australian Geographic, ABC Australia, The New York Times and countless news media organisations around the world, Chris has repeatedly demonstrated global influence through the art of photography and the application of viral marketing theory. 











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About your photoshoot ~

Lily and the team at Island Tigress photography are now available to make your photographic dreams come true. 

We do this because it's fun, it's creative and it's infectious, the people who live here are proud of their home and they want to share its magic with you and the world. 

We operate on Saturdays and your 8 hour photoshoot includes a tour of 5 locations.

You don't need a car once you get to the island, just catch the ferry over from Cleveland in the morning and return to the mainland whenever you're ready ($14 return).

Stradbroke Island is a magical place of healing and feminine energy.

We will meet you at the ferry terminal at Dunwich and together we will catch the public bus and shoot the following locations.

Amity Point
Adder Rock

(lunch at Chillers Cafe)
Point Lookout & South Gorge
Brown Lake
Myora Springs


Each tour caters for between 1 and 5 people.

Not only will we photograph you, we want you to think of this as a photography masterclass. You will learn new creative tips and techniques, as well as some of the history and sacred culture of this magnificent location. 

  We have only six places left before the end of 2019  

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Island Tigress
Beach Glamours

Stradbroke Island Modelling Agency

Our beach glamour models are at home here. Our location, Stradbroke Island (Minjerribah ~ 'Place of love bites'), beams feminine splendour at every corner, women here are sacred.

Meet the CEO ~

Kyala Koppenol

At 14 Kyala is already a masterchef, beauty technician and talented photographer. Let her crew of beautiful people represent your brand and become a part of the Quandamooka legacy.

Meet the models ~


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